These videos are dedicated to providing informative content relevant to business owners and CEOs for improving the performance of their business, including, for example employee engagement, productivity, sustainable change, profitability, digital transformation and culture.  Additional videos upcoming shortly include How to Develop an Improvement-Seeking Culture, and How to Do More with Existing Resources.

The content is based on 4aBetterBusiness’ 30 years experience helping companies achieve transformational change including application of 2 core beliefs:

  • your employees are the world’s experts at knowing what they do every day- their local systems
  • 90% of the issues in a company are embedded in the way those local systems work and work together

Transformational Results Through People + Process

3:26  Overview of 4aBetterBusiness and the transformational results we help owners and CEOs achieve with their companies.  Develop immediate, enthusiastic buy-in, participation and contribution to change. Support and enable growth, resolve stagnation and underperformance, create value. Example Client Results: 30% EBITDA Increase, 6 mos, without firings or layoffs; 75% increase in valuation in 18 mos, in sale of company. Cultural change to Improvement-Seeking Cultures.

Tough Challenge Met Yields Transformational Approach

6:23    The story of a tough challenge met (while working overseas, at the age of 23) which provided insights on achieving transformational change, and led to development of core beliefs that underpin our Transformational Results through People + Process approach, and our 30-day Process+Execution Implementation.

How to Develop Enthusiastic Buy-In to Change

3:52  This practical, action-based approach succeeds even in tough environments where prior efforts to implement and sustain change haven’t achieved the desired results.

Digital Transformation

7:17  4aBetterBusiness believes that addressing process and cultural issues is an essential pre-requisite to digital transformation success. This video is the story of how 4aBetterBusiness used those beliefs and our practical implementation approach to achieve business and digital transformation success.  Includes take-aways you can apply in your business today.

Painlessly Developing Immediate, Enthusiastic Buy-in to Change: A Transformation Case Study

33:44  Presentation at the iGrafx iNNOVATE conference, April 22-24, 2019. Transformational results achieved including buy-in and contribution to change, process-driven action and thinking, rapid change capability, safe and improvement-seeking culture, multiple digital transformations and dramatic business results.

Client Testimonial

“We were already a successful and profitable company. Working hands-on with our people in every area of our operations at every location, 4aBetterBusiness created an organization-wide system that has given us step-level improvements in our ability to reduce our core operating costs and improve productivity. In months we identified and achieved improvements we might not have in years using internal resources.”

– John Anton, former Division Manager, Independence Tube

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