“We’re delighted with the process and outcomes.  Results so far have included improving on-time delivery from 50% to 96%+ while reducing inventory by 22%. As impressive as those results are, we’re especially pleased with the way the process developed the buy-in of our employees. We will be able to sustain those gains and achieve ongoing improvements in performance and profits.”

Jim Cottington, CEO, ICM Products

“We were already a successful and profitable company. Working hands-on with our people in every area of our operations at every location, 4aBetterBusiness created an organization-wide system that has given us step-level improvements in our ability to reduce our core operating costs and improve productivity. In months we identified and achieved improvements we might not have in years using internal resources.”

– John Anton, former Division Manager, Independence Tube

“4aBetterBusiness implemented with us a game-changing business
system that has continued to pay dividends for our company.
Working with our employees 4aBetterBusiness created a process based business management system fully supported by all levels of employees at Goodrich ISR – Barrington. This interactive system enabled us to reduce costs and complexity in every area of our business.  Goodrich, which recently acquired our operations, has seen the operating benefits of the systems implemented with 4aBetterBusiness and has determined to continue with those systems in place.”

– Richard Zacharoli, former VP & General Manager, Goodrich ISR

“We waited to start until things “calmed down”. If I had
known how easy this would be on our organization, and how
quickly we would see results, we would have started months

We put goals once thought unattainable in our rear view mirror and made process-driven thinking and improvement the “way of doing business” here. We’ve achieved our highest productivity ever, better identification of customer requirements, increased customer satisfaction, improved team dynamics…and ongoing returns that are multiples of our investment.”

Don Ortiz, former General Manager, Promax Automotive

“Your approach was never dictatorial or forced. You dug in, understood the
problems first hand and then were flexible in the solutions. [Our people] made
the final decisions. It was your casual approach, fundamental understanding of
the operations and open and honest communications that gained our trust and
confidence. You were a major factor in improving the quality, productivity and
performance of our business.”

Joe Fiori – VP Operations, Manufacturing Company

“Working with 4aBetterBusiness gave us a much clearer understanding of our business process and ways we can become more effective, profitable and competitive.  I believe it was an important step in developing our company into a more focused, prevention-based and customer-driven enterprise.”

Peggy Smedley, President, Specialty Publishing Company

“The process map concept was a core part of enabling the positive change the
company has gone through. I have told many people that this is the first time
where I have seen ISO in a positive light as opposed to just a necessary evil
that has to be done. The fact is that the business, process, and operational
changes that were done to bring ICM up to the level of excellence it is today
were done because they were the right thing to do, not just to meet some
standard. The neat part is all of these changes for the better also tick all of the
boxes needed for the certification.”

Ken Kemerer, COO, ICM Products

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