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Business Transition

  • Process and infrastructure will not scale for growth
  • Cut through complexity
  • Implement Operational Excellence
  • Achieve digital transformation
  • Increase company value

Work Environment

  • “We have always done it this way” culture
  • Outcomes depend on tribal knowledge
  • Cannot sustain change
  • Low levels of employee engagement
  • Operating in “silos”
  • Losing knowledge and expertise as employees change positions, retire or leave the company


  • Can not sustain change
  • Inefficient processes
  • Inventory problems
  • Late deliveries
  • New product delays
  • Ongoing digital transformation
  • Certifications or Baldrige recognition
  • Eliminate loss of time and money
  • Core elements training

We believe that:

  • your employees are the world’s experts at knowing what they do every day – their local processes and systems
  • 90% of the issues in a company are embedded in how those local processes and systems work and work together (or do not)
4aBetterBusiness uses these principles to work side-by-side with management and employees, and:
  • Develop immediate, enthusiastic buy-in to change
  • Simplify complexity, eliminate loss of time and money
  • Rapidly implement sustainable, scalable processes and technology
  • Resolve under-performance, support & enable growth, create value
  • Get payback in months

                                                    Our approach is designed to work with already-busy executives and organizations.

                              Ask about creating a Visual Twin for your business, to accelerate change and reduce risk.

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Do You Want Results Like These, Custom for Your Business?

Productivity and Profits

  • Increased EBITDA 30% in 6 mos, w/o firings or layoffs
  • Reduced cycle time 85% on engineer-to-order product
  • Raised on-time delivery from 50% to 96%+, while reducing inventory 22%

Growth and Valuation

  • Supported/enabled doubling sales and tripling EBITDA in 18 mos
  • Won, within 12 months, first new business with Toyota 
  • 75% increase in valuation in 18 mos, in sale to a Fortune 500 buyer

Digital Transformation

  • New ERP system installed in record time, on budget, no hiccups
  • Transformed all production & inventory from paper to scanned – in 3 weeks from concept to implementation
  • Major system upgrade – cutover to new system was completed in all production areas in 4 hours

Certifications & Baldrige

  • Developed value-added, process-based systems (ISO, IATF, AS, others) and achieved certification in as short as 4 months
  • Chief auditor (ex Navy nuclear sub commander) used system to train his auditors
  • State-level Baldrige-based award (1 of 8 state-wide in the prior 5 years)

Contact us NOW to speak about your situation and objectives, or to schedule an initial assessment.  Call Paul Vragel, President at (847) 606-2605, email to, or use the contact button below.

Client Testimonial

We Put Goals Once Thought Un-Attainable in Our Rear View Mirror

“We waited to start until things “calmed down”. If I had known how easy this would be on our organization, and how quickly we would see results, we would have started months ago.

We put goals once thought unattainable in our rear view mirror and made process-driven thinking and improvement the “way of doing business” here. We’ve achieved our highest productivity ever, better identification of customer requirements, increased customer satisfaction, improved team dynamics…and ongoing returns that are multiples of our investment.”

Don Ortiz, former General Manager, Promax Automotive

Client Testimonial

Organization-wide system produces step-level improvement

“We were already a successful and profitable company. Working hands-on with our people in every area of our operations at every location, 4aBetterBusiness created an organization-wide system that has given us step-level improvements in our ability to reduce our core operating costs and improve productivity. In months we identified and achieved improvements we might not have in years using internal resources.”

– John Anton, former Division Manager, Independence Tube

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