Root Cause Analysis – Finding and Eliminating the Root Cause

Companies often experience difficulty in finding and eliminating root causes of problems.  Some symptoms you might see:

  • People fail to look beyond “what is in front of them”
  • “Human error” is frequently identified as the “root cause”
  • Problems that have gone through root cause analysis re-occur

The issues may include lack of understanding of the root cause analysis process, a “form filling” mentality, lack of understanding of how to use data and analysis tools (individually and in combination), or failure to dig deep enough into the situation and involve the right people. 

Root Cause Analyzer Course

Get Rid of Troublesome Problems Once and For All!

The Root Cause Analysis course is an on-line course that individuals or teams can use to learn an effective process for root cause analysis, including use of tools and data, to ensure that troublesome problems are resolved and do not reoccur.

The course emphasizes:

  • Looking at the whole system
  • Effective use of analysis and tools
  • Making decisions based on facts
  • How the elements of root cause analysis / corrective action work together
  • Finding and eliminating the root cause

An important issue for many organizations is getting people beyond the narrow range of potential causes they may see in their own environment.  The Ways Systems Fail tool broadens the learner’s view of potential failure sources and improves their ability to look at the whole system and get to the real root cause. 

The course covers:

  • Introduction and rationale for eliminating root cause
  • Root Cause Analysis Stage A: Identify and Contain
  • Root Cause Analysis Stage B: Assess Situation and Causes
  • Root Cause Analysis Stage C: Solution Selection and Implementation
  • Selection, Construction and Use of Problem-Solving Tools
  • Examples
  • Test to Reinforce Comprehension
  • Includes certificate with participant name and date
  • Includes course workbook to reinforce retention

The topics covered include:

  • The difference between containment action and corrective action
  • Strategies for fact gathering and analysis
  • Criteria for including problems in your analysis
  • Techniques for separating the root cause from other causes
  • How to assure that your solution prevents recurrence of the root cause
  • What to do if you do not control the process that contains the root cause
  • Controls to hold the gains
  • Explanation and use of quality tools
  • Exercises in application of tools to get results

For each of the Problem-Solving Tools, the course includes a short description, how to construct it, the types of information it provides, when to use it, and other tools that work with it (as applicable).  The tools include:

  • 5 times Why
  • 6 Honest Serving Men + 1
  • Affinity Diagram
  • Brainstorming
  • Cause and Effect (Fishbone)
  • Check sheet
  • Control Chart
  • Correlation Diagram
  • Force Field Diagram
  • Histogram
  • Inter-Relationship Diagram
  • Pareto Chart
  • Process Mapping
  • Run Chart
  • Scatter Diagram
  • Tree Diagram

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4aBetterBusiness also offers a blended training format which combines team use of the on-line course with facilitated application to specific company situation(s), with facilitation delivered either on-site or on-line.  The blended training format accelerates application and results for the company and provides further reinforcement of the learning experience for increased retention and ongoing application to company business.

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