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Select below the number of seats you want to license. You will be licensing that number of seats for each of the 3 courses.  At checkout, you are asked to create a Group Name under which to manage the training activities (the system will assign one if you forget), and create a user name and password with which to sign in.  (To keep Group Management simple, only 1 course or bundle is allowed in the cart at a time). On purchase, just sign in with the email or username and password you created.  This will give you access, through the site menu, to the Group Management page.  There you will find instructions for enrollment in and monitoring of the training and for assigning additional Group Leaders.  The combined discount structure shown below (bundle+multi-seat) is applied directly in the cart.  Call for Enterprise discounts.

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This bundle includes 3 courses (each seat in the bundle gives the Learner access to all three courses.

The courses and high level summaries:

FMEA Training and Implementation Guide

  • Reduce Risk
  • Prevent Problems
  • Apply to Concept, Design or Process

Root Cause Analyzer

  • Find and Fix Problems
  • Prevent Their Reoccurrence
  • Eliminate Wasted Time, Effort and Money

Internal Auditing for Improved Performance

  • Go Beyond Compliance
  • Audit for Improvement
  • Get Better Business Results

Full details are provided on the individual course pages, accessible through the Training tab in the Main Menu.

Licensing provides course access for 6 months.