Paul Vragel to speak on Business Transformation Success at iGrafx iNNOVATE conference

Case Study of Transformation Success
4aBetterBusiness Founder to Speak at iGrafx iNNOVATE Conference
Evanston, IL April 16, 2019. Paul Vragel, President of 4aBetterBusiness, will be presenting on “Company Transformation: A Case Study of Success”at the iGrafix iNNOVATE conference, a world class event for digital transformation and automation. The conference will held April 22-24, 2019 in Dallas, TX. 
In a NewVantage Partners 2019 study of digital transformation, 65 organizations reported that 95% of the obstacles stem from organizational issues (alignment, agility, resistance to change) while only 5% relate to technology. The study concluded: If companies hope to transform, they must begin to address the cultural obstacles. 
Vragel commented, “People and process are not the obstacle to transformation, but have proven to be the essential means to accomplish transformations. In the situation of this case study, this included developing immediate and enthusiastic buy-in and contribution to change, and a deep understanding of the real end-to-end processes of the business and how those link to the customer journey. The resulting process and cultural changes created an improvement-seeking environment which attracts and retains employees, enabled multiple successful digital transformations, and delivered business results that included improving on-time delivery performance from 50% to 96%+, while reducing inventory by 22%.”
About 4aBetterBusiness
4aBetterBusiness is an implementation-focused consultancy. We believe that employees are the world’s expert at knowing what they do every day – their local systems – and that 90% of the issues in a company are embedded in how those local systems work and work together. 4aBetterBusiness uses those beliefs to help companies develop immediate, enthusiastic buy-in to change, streamline work, and identify and implement flexible, scalable processes and technology to support and enable growth, resolve underperformance and create value.
About iGrafx
iGrafx is the world leader in digital transformation software solutions. iGrafx helps more than 2/3 of the Fortune 100 and over 10,000 customers around the world successfully execute their most critical strategic initiatives. Whatever the form of transformation, from customer journeys to corporate compliance to automating business processes, iGrafx ensures that goals are prioritized and executed, and ROI is achieved.