Initial Post

This blog is dedicated to providing informative content relevant to business owners and CEOs for improving the performance of their business, including, for example employee engagement, productivity, sustainable change, profitability, digital transformation and culture. 

The content is based on 4aBetterBusiness’ 30 years experience helping companies achieve transformational change.  Paul Vragel, President, founded 4aBetterBusiness in 1989 based on 2 core beliefs developed through rapid achievement of large-scale, sustainable improvement results while managing overseas ship construction and facilitating digital transformation for Amoco Corporation:

  • Your employees are the world’s experts at knowing what they do every day – their local systems
  • 90% of the issues in a company are embedded in how those local systems work and work together

Paul developed the Transformational Results through People+Process approach for combining these beliefs and getting immediate employee buy-in to change, and further developed the custom Buy-In, Process and Execution Transformation, for accelerated achievement of sustainable results.

4aBetterBusiness has used this process to achieve transformational results in manufacturing, engineering, distribution, transportation and service industries.

Prior to founding 4aBetterBusiness, Paul was on the fast track management development program at Amoco Corporation.

In his final position with Amoco, he was in charge of new technology analysis for the computer department.  He conceived and led development of a system that reduced risk and accelerated technology deployment, accessible to any employee worldwide (pre-internet).  This accelerated Amoco’s ability to adopt technology despite the “no standards, rapid change” environment of the transition from mainframe to pc-based technology.

Paul’s initial work with Amoco was to manage ship construction programs in Spain.  This included working throughout Europe and in Singapore and Japan.  He then managed financial analysis and programs for marine-related projects involving fleet replacement and domestic and international operations. 

Paul has an MBA from the University of Chicago, is a graduate of Webb Institute of Naval Architecture, and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.