On-line Training

Based on more than 25 years experience developing and implementing solutions that improve company performance, 4aBetterBusiness has developed online courses which share expertise in an easily accessible on-line format. 

4aBetterBusiness computer-based courses (on which these updated versions are based) have been used and adopted by companies including Lockheed Martin, Fedex, the American Management Association, Metals USA, White-Rodgers, units of Magna International and distribution through ASQ (formerly the American Society for Quality). This includes multiple instances of re-orders by companies to expand use of the training with their employees.  

Blended Training

Blended training combines learning from on-line course or courses with immediate application (through on-line or on-site facilitated sessions) to specific issues you want to address in your business. 

Blended training not only accelerates achievement of results for your business, but also ensures participants have a deeper understanding and retention of application of the principles and practices.  You get ongoing benefits from continued application of these principles and practices in your business.

Each instance of blended training is customized based on company needs and objectives.  Contact us with the form below. 

On-Line Training

The FMEA Training and Implementation Guide is an on-line course that individual employees or teams can use to:

  • Learn the principles and practices of FMEA
  • Understand how to apply those principles in Design or Process situations
  • Quickly achieve results that reduce risk and improve business performance
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Root Cause Analysis

The Root Cause Analyzer on-line course helps you understand and carry out effective Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action.

  • Find and fix problems
  • Prevent their reocurrence
  • Eliminate wasted time and money
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Internal Auditing for Improved Performance 

The Internal Auditing for Improved Performance on-line course assists auditors in developing the skills needed to prepare for and conduct value-added audits that not only meet the requirements of a standard but make material contributions to the improved performance of the business.

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