Why Executives Engage 4aBetterBusiness:

Implementation & Results
  • Develop immediate, enthusiastic buy-in to change
  • Cut through complexity, eliminate loss of time and money
  • Rapidly implement sustainable, scalable processes and technology
  • Resolve under-performance, support & enable growth, create value
  • Get Payback in Months
Process Improvement Toolkit

Online training and tools to develop organization-wide skills that keep your business moving forward:

  • Reduce risk 
  • Prevent failures
  • Identify and resolve problems
  • Ensure processes and systems are performing as expected

For over 25 years, 4aBetterBusiness has achieved successful outcomes with companies that include Privately Held, Founder-Led, Multiple-Generation, Private Equity Portfolio and Independently-Managed Units of Fortune 500 companies;  US and international, including multi-site operations.  

Do You Want Results Like These,
Custom for Your Business?

Productivity and Profits

  • Increased EBITDA 30% in 6 mos, w/o firings or layoffs
  • Reduced cycle time 85% on engineer-to-order product
  • Raised on-time delivery from 50% to 96%+, while reducing inventory 22%

Growth and Valuation

  • Supported/enabled doubling sales and tripling EBITDA in 18 mos
  • Won first new business with Toyota
  • 75% increase in valuation in 18 mos, in sale to a Fortune 500 buyer

Digital Transformation

  • New ERP system installed in record time, on budget, no hiccups
  • Transformed all production & inventory from paper to scanned – in 3 weeks from concept to implementation
  • Major system upgrade – cutover to new system was completed in all production areas in 4 hours

Certifications & Baldrige

  • Developed value-added, process-based systems (ISO, IATF, AS, others) and achieved certification in as short as 4 months
  • Chief auditor (ex Navy nuclear sub commander) used system to train his auditors
  • State-level Baldrige-based award (1 of 8 state-wide in the prior 5 years)

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